Responsible Fishing Practices for Sustainable Fisheries

Developing national legislation to tackle sea-based plastic litter

03/06/2023 - 03/06/2023

Support for countries developing or amending national policy and legislation to tackle sea-based marine plastic litter (SBMPL) to reflect internationally agreed policy and legal frameworks is being provided through a series of Global Webinars under the GloLitter Partnerships project. The first webinar (24 May 2023) covered issues including the international governance framework, the international response to plastic litter in the marine environment, and guidance on the inclusion of plastic waste from ships into national waste management legislation. It involved 36 participants from 12 countriesThe Global Webinar series is targeted at GloLitter National Focal Points and Points of Contact, as well as national legal consultants engaged in legislative and policy work related to marine plastic litter. The webinars form part of work towards the GloLitter project’s Outcome 2: National status, policies and action plans specific to shipping and fisheries are in place with Legal, Policy and Institutional Reforms (LPIR) undertaken at national levels.  

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