Pratiques de pêche responsables pour une pêche durable

Advances and best practices in bycatch reduction in tropical shrimp-trawl fisheries

2021 Eayrs, S., Fuentevilla, C.

This technical report describes efforts to mitigate bycatch through gear modifications and adaptations in the tropical shrimp-trawl fisheries of over 30 countries. It provides a summary of efforts by each country and then synthesizes them to identify and describe best practice. A best practice in bycatch reduction is the application or adoption of appropriate, recognized approaches to modifying fishing gear, with the objective of reducing bycatch to the greatest extent practicable.

This information serves as a benchmark to identify countries that are taking appropriate steps to reduce bycatch and those that are not. It also provides context from which the outcomes of research on bycatch reduction can be evaluated and compared, including the identification of effective bycatch reduction devices, and serves to identify future research priorities. In the context of this report, best practice includes the installation and use of TEDs and BRDs that are optimally rigged and operated so as to reduce bycatch. It also includes the application of appropriate regulations to ensure effective performance, as well as the introduction of effective outreach and extension programmes to enhance and sustain best practice to reduce bycatch.

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