The Right to Food

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On the ground - 20.05.2021

The National Dialogues of the Food Systems Summits take center stage in Spain, focusing on the connections between the local and the urban.

Events - 19.05.2021

The importance of plant health to build a better future has been clearly showcased in tha last year and a half, thanks to a wide range of advocay and mobilitization actions around the world.

On the ground - 13.05.2021

Civil society organizations call on the Government to create a commission to elaborate a right to food law.

News - 13.05.2021

The progressive realization of the right to adequate food is a guiding principle of the Vision and Strategy for FAO´s work in Nutrition, recently approved by FAO Council.

News - 12.05.2021

Affordable healthy diets can trigger positive development in nutrition, sustainability.

Experts' corner - 11.05.2021

FAO Right to Food Specialist, Claire Mason, highlights why consumers are important for the right to food and how they can contribute to the realization of this human right.

News - 05.05.2021

Conflict, economic shocks – including due to COVID-19, extreme weather – pushed at least 155 million people into acute food insecurity in 2020.

News - 04.05.2021

Shifting from risk to development – responsible business conduct is more important than ever for agriculture.

News - 30.04.2021

Are you on the lookout for reading? Broad your knowledge of human rights every month.

Experts' corner - 29.04.2021

Chair of Food Systems Summit Action Track 1 shared his thoughts on why and how the right to food is having a space in food systems transformation.

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