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News - 24.09.2021

FAO underscored that COVID-19 shed light on human rights, including the right to food, health, education, housing, decent work, social security and an adequate standard of living.

News - 24.09.2021

Global leaders urges to ensure access to safe and nutrition food for all in order to achieve th 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

News - 23.09.2021

The world has been thrown further off-track when it comes to meeting many SDGs, including Zero Hunger.

Experts' corner - 16.09.2021

The Deputy to the Special Envoy for the UN Food Systems Summit 2021 takes us through the Summit´s human rights agenda. There, innovation is among the challenges and opportunities at the crossroads towards sustainable transformation.

News - 15.09.2021

Ahead of the Food Systems Summit, browse a list of FAO publications related to this Action Area.

News - 31.08.2021

Are you on the lookout for reading? Broad your knowledge of human rights every month.

News - 30.08.2021

What is their favourite healthy school meal? What makes it difficult for them to eat in a healthy way during school time? What could be improved? Students can now show and tell what they think about school food environments. Submissions until 15 September.

Experts' corner - 12.08.2021

School feeding is a political tool that can encourage young people´s leadership, so that they change the course of history and positively impact the present and future generations.

News - 09.08.2021

On International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, learn from their unique food systems and their respect for nature.

News - 03.08.2021

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