The Right to Food

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On the ground - 25.04.2023

Uganda affirms commitment to drive a forward-looking agenda for a rights-based and inclusive transformation of agrifood systems.

Events - 21.04.2023

Parliamentarians from all over the world will will explore the possibility of creating formal voluntary commitments via networks of parliamentarians based on a Global Parliamentary Pact, which would include periodic monitoring and follow-up on legislative outcomes and achievements.

Events - 17.04.2023

The Conference aims at positioning the human right to adequate food as a lever for harnessing inclusivity in the food systems transformation agenda of Uganda so that no one is left behind in the process.

News - 04.04.2023

During the session, the Council held various thematic discussions, including on the right to food, adequate housing, the rights of children and persons with disabilities, minorities, the right to development, and climate and environment, among others.

News - 31.03.2023

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News - 29.03.2023

2022 Overview highlights the need to focus on trade as an enabler to achieve food security and nutrition

News - 14.03.2023

The region as a whole is in a much better position than elsewhere in the world, but some developments need to be addressed to avoid setbacks.

News - 01.03.2023

FAO data portal shows that Latin America and the Caribbean has the highest cost of a healthy diet compared to other regions

Events - 27.02.2023

Over the coming four weeks, the Council will discuss several areas related to FAO´s mandate.

On the ground - 22.02.2023

A regional symposium showcases a strong link between socioeconomic rights and food rights.

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