The Right to Food

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News - 30.07.2021

Conflict, COVID-19, climate crisis likely to drive higher levels of acute food insecurity in 23 hunger hotspots – new report.


Events - 26.07.2021

A new social contract is needed to eradicate inequalities affecting indigenous peoples. 


News - 16.07.2021

Achieving food security and improved nutrition for all depends on nature.

News - 12.07.2021

Healthy diets are out of reach for 3 billion people.


News - 09.07.2021

Since the adoption of the Guidelines in 2004, many countries have taken steps in line with this set of policy recommendations.

News - 01.07.2021

For many years Spain has been an important partner and worked closely with FAO, primarily focusing on the fisheries sector and the promotion of policies that guarantee the right to food, protect plant genetic resources and food security.

News - 01.07.2021

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News - 30.06.2021

Africa’s agri-food systems must be transformed to make healthy diets more affordable.

News - 29.06.2021

Made at the Italy-presided G20 Foreign Affairs and Development Ministers' meeting, it aimed to the realization of the right to food and alleviation of poverty.

News - 28.06.2021

FAO and consumer organizations of francophone Africa discussed ways to strengthen cooperation to better impact the realization of the right to adequate food for all.

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