The Right to Food

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Experts' corner - 12.08.2021

School feeding is a political tool that can encourage young people´s leadership, so that they change the course of history and positively impact the present and future generations.

News - 09.08.2021

On International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, learn from their unique food systems and their respect for nature.

News - 03.08.2021

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News - 03.08.2021

UN Food Systems Pre-Summit acknowledges human rights as leverage for solutions.

News - 30.07.2021

Are you on the lookout for reading? Broad your knowledge of human rights every month.

News - 30.07.2021

Conflict, COVID-19, climate crisis likely to drive higher levels of acute food insecurity in 23 hunger hotspots – new report.


Events - 26.07.2021

A new social contract is needed to eradicate inequalities affecting indigenous peoples. 


News - 16.07.2021

Achieving food security and improved nutrition for all depends on nature.

News - 12.07.2021

Healthy diets are out of reach for 3 billion people.


News - 09.07.2021

Since the adoption of the Guidelines in 2004, many countries have taken steps in line with this set of policy recommendations.

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