The Right to Food

Bolivia developed the National Programme on Complementary School Feeding 2015-2020 to implement food sovereignty and Living Well (Vivir Bien)

News - 31.08.2015

The new Law on School Feeding of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, adopted in December 2014, aims to ensure the human right to adequate food, to strengthen the development of local production and increase school attendance rates. The Law n. 622 represents a step forward in the development of food sovereignty and the Living Well (Vivir Bien).

The law, adopted within the framework of Food Sovereignty and Plural Economy, is a significant advance to promote universalization of the Complementary School Feeding in Bolivia and to promote the community and social economy through the purchase of food from local suppliers. In addition, Law No. 622 is intended to contribute with the school performance and to promote permanence of students in the Plurinational education system through a healthy, adequate and culturally appropriate food.

With the development of the National Program on the Complementary School Feeding (PNACE), the Government of Bolivia took a step towards the implementation of the political Constitution Article 16, which guarantees the right to water and food, as part of the food sovereignty policy, strengthening community and social economy. In fact, the PNACE states that when buying food destined to the Complementary School Feeding, the products and/or raw materials that come from local producers in the country must be prioritized.

Additionally, the new law distributed the implementation of PNACE management at different levels of government, attributing responsibilities to the departmental and municipal autonomous governments, and to the Autonomous Native Indigenous Peasants to carry out the Complementary School Feeding in coordination with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health.

The PNACE is inserted into the National Development Plan Dignified, Sovereign, Productive and Democratic Bolivia to live well (Vivir bien) and was elaborated by the Ministry of Education, with the support of FAO.


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