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Online Consultation on the CARICOM Regional Food and Nutrition Security Action Plan (RNSAP)

News - 05.08.2011

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM), assisted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), has recently adopted a Regional Food and Nutrition Security Policy to ensure safe, adequate, nutritious and affordable food for the region’s inhabitants, from a human rights-based approach. Currently, a Regional Food and Nutrition Security Action Plan is being developed in order to implement the recently adopted Policy.

As part of FAO’s support to CARICOM, an online consultation has been set up on the CARICOM Action Plan. FAO provides an excellent platform for collaboration among different partners and initiatives. Accordingly, FAO has established a strong collaboration between different projects, including: the Right to Food, the strengthening partnerships between FAO and Civil Society project, and the Hunger-Free Latin America and Caribbean Initiative. These three projects are funded by the Spanish Agency for Cooperation and International Development (AECID).

The collaboration between these projects has resulted in an online consultation to comment on the CARICOM Action plan, which will be ongoing from August 2nd through August 31st. This online consultation will include over 60 active regional Civil Society Organizations in the Caribbean, who will provide valuable comments on nutrition, food security and agriculture from the perspective of different constituencies.

"A strong and sustained political commitment is needed to reach food and nutrition security for all. A broad discussion along with a participative approach are needed to develop an inclusive and sound Regional Food and Nutrition Security Action Plan", Mr Garcia, Coordinator of the Hunger Free Latin America and the Caribbean Initiative, said.

The consultation provides a unique opportunity to foster collaborations based on discussions that bring together regional and national initiatives by public, private sector and Governments.

Please visit our forum at: http://km.fao.org/fsn/caricom/about-the-collaboration

We are looking forward to a stimulating and productive discussion.

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