The Right to Food

Legislating for adequate food and nutrition in schools. Nº 3


School feeding laws are important instruments for the realization of the right to adequate food, the right to education, and the right to health of the schoolchildren. In addition, they fulfill a social function guaranteeing access to food of the most vulnerable children in school and the school attendance. This document covers:

  •  The Regional and International Framework that serves as the basis for the development of these laws in Latin America and the Caribbean
  •  The main benefits of adopting an approach to school feeding and nutrition.
  •  The keys to adequate drafting of a School Feeding Law.
  •  An overview of the existing laws in the region.
  •  The general provisions to contain the School Feeding laws.
  •  The necessary parliamentary actions to make this right effective.

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Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Category: Policy briefs
Keywords: National legislation

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