The Right to Food

School Feeding and Possibilities for Direct Purchases from Family Farming. Case Studies for Eight Countries

Author: FAO

This publication contributes to the articulation of the sectors involved in school feeding, in the search for alternatives for the institutionalization and strengthening of school feeding policies in the countries and the incorporation of the right to food.

In order to present the current status of school feeding and the possibilities of linking it with local purchases from family farming (FF), national studies were conducted in Bolivia,Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru.

FAO, through the Hunger Free LAC 2025 Initiative, has worked in Latin America and the Caribbean, significantly enhancing the strengthening of Food and Nutrition Security policies, and considers that School Food Programmes have much to contribute to the improvement of the region´s social scenario.

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean
Category: Studies

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