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The impact of gender policy processes on the right to food: The case of Cambodia

Author: Margherita Maffii

Right to Food Study, 2016.

This study was undertaken to identify possible approaches for the development of activities on the right to food in the Kingdom of Cambodia, using the gender policies and initiatives now at work in the country as an entry point.

The analysis takes into account the Cambodian legal framework in relation to food security, national policies in matters related to food security, and social protection and gender policies for promoting the advancement and empowerment of women. It also considers the intersection between national gender policies and the ongoing process of Deconcentration and Decentralization. The study is supported by primary data obtained from various stakeholders, including institutional representatives and representatives of development organizations and civil society.

This case study about gender policies and the right to food in Cambodia has gone through a process of discussion and validation that saw all the relevant stakeholders involved in order to review, discuss and contribute to the final draft. The process, held in Phnom Penh on 22 March 2016, validated the main case study findings and provided support for the entry points identified through the research, paving the way for its implementation phase.

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Категория: Исследования
Ключевые слова: Анализ положения в сфере продовольственной безопасности, Национальное законодательство, Продовольственная безопасность и питание, Институциональная политика, Стратегия

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