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FAO workshop on child labour in fisheries and aquaculture in cooperation with the ILO


FAO, in cooperation with the ILO, is organizing a 2,5 days workshop on child labour in fisheries and aquaculture which will be hosted at FAO headquarters from 14 - 16 April 2010.

The workshop participants will exchange and discuss knowledge, good practices and experiences on the nature, incidence and causes of child labour in fisheries and consider the best ways to address these issues.  The workshop objective is to agree on a set of guidelines and principles regarding policies and action that can be applied by governments, international organizations, fishworkers’ organizations, the fishing industry and other stakeholders.  The ultimate aim is to facilitate application of the relevant international Conventions with respect to child labour in fisheries and aquaculture. 

The workshop findings will have tangible expression in the form of a joint publication by the ILO and FAO. This guidance document will also assist the ILO and FAO to deliver more effective support to institutional and consultative processes that are necessary to tackle child labour in fishing and aquaculture.

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