Группа по работе с сельскими учреждениями и службами и расширению прав и возможностей жителей сельских районов

На данной странице можно найти средства работы, инструкции и техническую информацию по сельским организациям и смежным темам в ФАО и не только. Для получения дополнительной информации, пожалуйста, напишите на следующий адрес: [email protected]


Category: Technical papers
Traditional decentralized "top-bottom" approach of the bureaucratic government tends to inhibit people's participation in all phases of development activities from planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. This kind of approach has been proven ineffective and has resulted to the failure of [...]
Category: Tools and guidelines
Many income-generating activities are developing in the rural area to enable farmers male or female - to enhance their production and progressively enter the market economy. However, it was noted that, in many countries, farmers and members of village groups lack [...]
Category: Technical papers
One of the aims of the case study is to illustrate how a development project can have a dynamic life when it is designed to include both formal and real flexibility -- in short, room to grow and benefit from [...]
Category: Technical papers
Africa's rural populations no longer live in a closed society, depending on themselves or their clan for their subsistence. Nowadays, the need to meet growing demands for facilities such as schools, health, transport and modern housing make income-generating activities essential [...]
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