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Assessing risk in times of climate change and COVID-19

This factsheet provides information on the general knowledge collected by the city region food system (CRFS) project in its phase 2 regarding the assessment of risks for the CRFS of Kigali. The information contained in this fact sheet is the result of literature review and data collected by the national project team.

Rural youth employment and agri–food systems in Rwanda: A rapid context analysis

This rapid context analysis has been developed in the inception stage of the third phase of FAO Integrated Country Approach programme (ICA programme) for boosting decent jobs for youth in the agrifood system. The ICA programme supports countries in adopting and implementing youth–inclusive and employment-centred agri-food system development policies, strategies and programmes.

The Fall Armyworm project achievements and impact in Rwanda

 FAO provided capacities and equipment to farmers for better monitoring, management and early warning through the project “Support to the Government of Rwanda in Sustainable Control and Management of FAW”. This report assesses the impact of FAW on the livelihoods of maize farmers in Rwanda, how they are fighting it.

Photo Gallery - Dairy: Improvement of Food Security

Dairy: Improvement of Food Security