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Autogrill partners with FAO to reduce food waste, support small-scale producers

08 Jul 2015

New agreement could serve as model for future public-private partnerships

Autogrill, the multinational company known for its motorway and airport restaurants in 30 countries, is partnering with FAO to cut down food waste and losses and support the introduction of products of small-scale farmers in developing countries, the UN agency announced today.

Under the three-year agreement, FAO will provide Autogrill with tools to track and reduce food losses and waste across its more than 4000 stores and design information materials and campaigns to raise awareness among Autogrill customers worldwide about waste reduction.

"We're excited to collaborate with a major multinational restaurant chain like Autogrill on making its market chain more inclusive," said Eugenia Serova, Director of the Rural Infrastructure and Agro-Industries Division at FAO [read more]