SAVE FOOD: Iniciativa mundial sobre la reducción de la pérdida y el desperdicio de alimentos

Spotlight: SAVE FOOD Member IMMER Group

Irina Mirochnik President of the IMMER Group ©IMMER Group
14 Nov 2017

The private sector can play a catalytic role in reducing food loss and waste and transforming food systems. As tastemakers and harbingers of consumer habits, companies often act as middle men between the consumer, food waste and its prevention. Given the crucial role of the packaging sector in particular, SAVE FOOD spoke with Irina Mirochnik, President of Ukrainian-based IMMER Group -- one of the world’s largest producers of flexible packaging (packaging made from materials that can readily be changed) and an active member of the Initiative. 

 What do you consider to be the value of joining initiatives like SAVE FOOD?

Until the product is completely used, all those involved in the chain are interconnected. There is an extensive amount of cross-pollination across numerous industries. For example, the agricultural sector uses new scientific practices in growing food, one example would be the use of biodegradable mulch and agricultural stretch films. The same principles apply to the new types of barrier materials used in the processing and packaging of food products. Considering these interlinkages, we believe an initiative like SAVE FOOD is important since it brings a number of groups together. Our membership in SAVE FOOD has, so far, enabled a deeper understanding of common problems as well as the ability to influence the processes in a positive direction. We also value the exchange of knowledge and experience within the membership group, making it possible to develop common solutions. Given the diverse group of SAVE FOOD members, one hears fresh perspective and inquiries voiced by people in industries that previously had no contact with our work.

Considering current consumer trends and high levels of food loss and waste globally, how does IMMER Group see its role as a packaging company?

Environmental friendliness and minimalism are the key global trends of packaging today - companies go by the principle ‘pack what is necessary and sufficient’. At IMMER Group we believe in promoting packaging that is environmentally conscious, minimizes waste and is easy to use.

We have a high technological potential in the field of flexible packaging production, as well as many years of experience and knowledge that allow us to constantly develop new types of packaging.  Our work is focused on minimizing product loss throughout the supply chain, and meeting the requirements of a closed cycle economy. To that effect, we constantly work on improving the technical characteristics of packaging, extending the shelf life of the packaged product and making rational use of resources.

Design solutions in packaging should solve, not only the problem of marketing and sales, but must also minimise loss and waste both in retail networks and in households.

IMMER Group - IMMER Group's packaging technology 

How does IMMER Group work with the wider community to combat food loss and waste?

IMMER Group implements new developments aligned with SAVE FOOD’s goals and carries out educational work to change the attitude to this problem in the business environment and among the younger generation, including in schools, universities and other fora. Our company works with young people on attitudes to food and resources in general, and the role of packaging in their preservation and protection. We organise excursions to the production sites and deliver lectures explaining these issues to a range of age groups.

Our specialists also hold seminars for industry associations. We organise ‘innovation days’ for our clients, where we talk about our new developments and discuss related challenges. At these meetings, we promote new technologies and packaging solutions, talk about the important role of packaging in preserving food and preventing losses, as well as the smart use of natural resources.