Сохранить продовольствие – глобальная инициатива по сокращению продовольственных потерь и пищевых отходов

Support to the Development of a National Save Food Network in Malaysia

Food security is a major concern in large parts of the developing world. Food production must clearly increase significantly to meet the future demands of an increasing and more affluent world population. One of the first means to fight imbalances and reduce tensions between the necessary increase in consumption and the challenging increase in production, is to also promote food loss reduction which alone has a considerable potential to increase the efficiency of the whole food chain. In a world with limited natural resources (land, water, energy, fertilizer), and where cost-effective solutions are to be found to produce enough safe and nutritious food for all, reducing food losses should not be a forgotten priority.

Toward meeting the objective of food loss and waste reduction in Malaysia, FAO proposes to provide support to the formation of a National Save Food Network to serve as a common platform for concerted and harmonized efforts geared toward raising awareness and advocating for the economic, social and environmental values and benefits of reducing food loss and food waste. Through the conduct of national workshops, the Network will identify strategic approaches that are feasible in addressing food loss and waste in the context of Malaysia.

Expected outputs:

  • A National Save Food Network launched in Malaysia and a National Save Food awareness raising and advocacy campaign launched. · At least three national level workshops conducted to promote awareness and information sharing and exchange on food losses and waste in the country.
  • Strategic approaches, geared toward reducing food loss and food waste in Malaysia identified through workshops and consultations, and actions taken by the Network to address food loss and waste reduction.
  • A comprehensive report that documents all of the work undertaken.