Science, Technology and Innovation

Digital agriculture is at the forefront of revolutionizing our food systems by harnessing the power of digital technologies to pilot, accelerate, and scale innovative ideas.

The Global Network of Digital Agriculture Innovation Hubs aims to showcase how this cutting-edge approach contributes to our shared vision of food systems transformation by facilitating the mainstreaming of digital innovations in agriculture and enhancing the digital transformation of agrifood systems.

Funded by the Flexible Voluntary Contribution Mechanism (FVC) the Global Network of Digital Agriculture Innovation Hubs focuses on support to farmers and value chain actors, especially youth and women, and aims to increase their competitiveness by accelerating the development and uptake of digital innovations.

The Global Network started in Dominica, Grenada, Ethiopia and Morocco, and each pilot country is scoping its Digital Agriculture Innovation Hub in light of its national priorities, the country's digital maturity and the capacities of its partners.

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