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FAO and the government of UAE, working together to develop a sustainable aquaculture industry

In the United Arab Emirates the desert stretches for hundreds of kilometres. Summer temperatures rise above 40 degrees Celsius and freshwater is hard to find. Nevertheless, at the Emirates Fish Farm, outside Abu Dhabi, FAO is working with the UAE government to develop the country’s fish farming industry. Emiratis are among the biggest fish consumers on the Arab Peninsula. But as consumer demand has grown, fish stocks have fallen.

With FAO’s support, the UAE is building a sustainable aquaculture sector that will maintain the country’s fish supply, improve its food security and transform its food systems. At the desert fish farm, experts constantly check the temperature and quality of the water, as well as oxygen levels. At the fish farm, water is recycled. That is critical in arid countries like the UAE. With FAO’s support the UAE has the potential to share its expertise at home and abroad.