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Approved by the UN General Assembly, it will increase awareness of the crucial role women farmers play in agrifood systems.
Acute hunger remains persistently high in 59 countries with 1 in 5 people assessed in need of critical urgent action
  FAO publishes a synthesis of existing evidence that shows how social protection supports climate adaptation and mitigation Rome- The latest research conducted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reveals that social protection can foster economic inclusion of small-scale producers in the face of climate change. Drawing on...
This is an excerpt of an opinion article written by Marco Knowles, FAO Social Protection Team Leader. You can access the complete article on Inter Press Service (IPS).  The Spanish version of this article is also available. Climate change is exacerbating inequalities between and within countries, disproportionately affecting poor households in rural...
The workshop presented the mapping of social protection programs in Bangladesh, explore the integration of anticipatory action within social protection frameworks to act ahead of the impacts of climate and weather-related disasters on vulnerable populations, farmers, and marine fisherfolks and identified pathways for strengthening partnership and scaling up action.
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