Social Protection

Productive impacts of improved service access and livelihood support in Ethiopia - Endline report on the Improved Nutrition through Integrated Basic Social Services with Social Cash Transfer (IN-SCT) Pilot Programme

Resource Type: Publication
Published: 25/06/2021

This evaluation report presents the impacts of the Integrated Nutrition Social Cash Transfer (IN-SCT) embedded within Ethiopia’s Productive Safety Net Programme phase 4 (PSNP4) on productive outcomes ranging from crop and livestock production to labour supply, non-farm businesses, use of inputs and the like.

 The report is part of a wider evaluation study that brings together IFPRI, the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at University of Sussex and Cornell University. While these organizations set up the study design and x focused their analyses of impacts on outcomes related to food security, hygiene, access to health services and nutritional status, FAO has contributed by analysing the productive impacts of the program.