Protección Social

Digital innovations in delivering social protection in rural areas: Lessons for public provisioning during the post-pandemic recovery and beyond

Resource Type: Publication
Published: 03/04/2023

This publication discusses the potential of digital technology to improve social protection performance in rural areas, as well as its limitations. Through case studies from across all regions, the paper documents the extent to which digitalization can improve the delivery and uptake of social protection among rural populations. It also discusses the challenges, risks and trade-offs of digitalizing social protection when catering to rural populations. The conclusions and lessons drawn from the literature and the case studies point to a set of recommendations geared towards reducing the existing barriers to, and risks associated with, the adoption of digital tools at each step of social protection delivery in rural areas. Used properly, such tools can contribute positively to the effectiveness and efficiency, responsiveness, and inclusiveness of rural social protection along the entire delivery chain.