Protection sociale

Complementing cash with productive inputs to improve food security and resilience among the extreme poor in Mali

Resource Type: Publication
Published: 25/02/2021

Neither agriculture nor social protection alone can address all the constraints faced by poor rural households. Combined interventions are shown to have greater impacts than stand-alone interventions in assisting vulnerable populations to combat poverty and providing them with productive means to sustainably move out of poverty. The complementarity can also contribute to increasing the resilience of households in the face of external shocks or crises, an argument that is particularly relevant in contexts such as the one we are currently facing as a result of COVID-19. Experience from the FAO’s Cash+ project in the Nioro Circle in Mali demonstrates that the combination of cash transfer and agricultural productive inputs exerted stronger positive impacts on food security and household production than cash alone. However, the successful implementation of social and agricultural interventions requires a great deal of collaboration between relevant stakeholders of the two sectors.