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Strengthening coherence between social protection and agriculture - The case of the Improved Nutrition through Integrated Basic Social Services with Social Cash Transfer/ Productive Safety Net Programme (IN-SCT/PSNP) pilot programme in Ethiopia

Resource Type: Publication
Published: 17/06/2021

The present report synthesises the findings from the two studies carried out by FAO in 2019. It uses the Basic Social Services with Social Cash Transfer (IN-SCT) as a case study to analyse the extent to which, during its two-year existence, it was well articulated with the larger Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP), and specifically whether it contributed to further the agenda of promoting greater coherence between the social protection and agriculture sectors.

A key premise of this report is that improved coherence between the two sectors can strengthen resilience, foster productive inclusion and create pathways for food insecure and vulnerable rural households to move out of poverty and food insecurity.