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Strengthening coherence between agriculture and social protection: Peru country case study report

Resource Type: Publication
Published: 01/02/2016

This study, commissioned by FAO’s From Protection to Production (PtoP), took place in Peru between 13 and 25 May 2015, with field work in Andahuaylas Province, Apurímac Region. The team comprised Álvaro Espinoza, a local consultant, and Steve Wiggins from ODI. It focused on two research questions: – What has been learned from efforts to achieve coherence between agricultural and social protection policies and programmes? – How can these lessons and insights contribute to achieving more and better coordination between the sectors in order to combat hunger and poverty? The study looked particularly at the links between a conditional cash transfer programme, Juntos, and three largely agricultural programmes, Haku Wiñay, Agrorural and Aliados II.