Video: an interview with a soil scientist

On Feburary 28, 2015, Risa Nagura, a former graduate student in Meiji University, Japan, met with Dr. Masaru Mizoguchi, a professor in the University of Tokyo, Japan, to ask his research and thoughts about soil science. Dr. Mizoguchi is a soil physicist who originally studied mass and heat transfer during soil freezing and thawing, and currently working on development of real-time remote field monitoring systems. Dr. Mizoguchi is also known for his enthusiasm and contribution for removing soils contaminated with radioactive sources and rebuilding farming and farmers’ livelihoods in Fukushima after the great earthquake in Northeast Japan and the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Dr. Mizoguchi presented his unique thoughts for soil science and his efforts in Fukushima.

The views expressed here belong to the speaker and do not necessarily represent FAO’s views, positions, strategies or opinions.

Submitted by Yuki Kojima


Ikrama Khan 08-01-22 11:08
The study of soils is based on several factors, including their physical and chemical properties, morphology, distribution, and genesis. Soil scientists need a strong background in the physical and biological sciences and mathematics.
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jassica jonas 08-12-21 09:16
The world is on the verge of getting hotter day by day and we need precautionary measures.
Esther james 21-11-21 18:03
This video vlog is recorded by Dr. Masaru, a soil scientist from the University of Meiji who originally studied mass and heat transfer during soil freezing and thawing. I have some latest information on which will help to learn more about radioactive sources.
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