It doesn't matter if you're a farmer, landholder, soil scientist, policymaker or gardener... Tell your soil story by contributing to the blog!
Healthy soils are crucial for ensuring the continued growth of natural and managed vegetation, providing feed, fibre, fuel and medicinal products
Making it a priority to work towards increasing awareness on the fundamental roles of soils for human well-being including food and nutrition security.
Representatives and scientists from 19 countries in Asia are examining best practices and common challenges they face in protecting and managing the region’s soils – the very foundation for food production relied on by billions of people.
Biodiversity expert Claire Chenu and soil fertility expert Tekalign Mamo offer scientific expertise and policy experience
Forests and forest soils play a broad, complex and interactive role within the environment
Interview with Mr. Moujahed Achouri, Director of FAO's Land and Water division (part 2)
Stay plugged in with what is happening in the world of soils
The FAO Representation in Trinidad and Tobago in collaboration with the Inter American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), the University of the West Indies (UWI), the Ministry of Food Production and the San Antonio Green Market hosted a “Healthy Soils, Healthy Food Clinic” for farmers and the general public on 25th...
Global Soil Week (GSW) is taking place in Berlin from 19-23 April. Find out what some of the experts and participants had to say about soils!
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