FAO South-South Cooperation Gateway

Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries (MGAP)

Constituyente 1476 CP 11200, Montevideo, Uruguay
Phone number(s)
+598 24104155-58
Areas of expertise
Agricultural economies, Agricultural policy, Agricultural research and extension, Agricultural statistics, Agricultural trade and markets, Farm management/farming systems, Rural development and agrarian reform, Agricultural safety/phyto-sanitary and zoo-sanitary control, Food loss and food waste, Food safety/food quality and standards, Food security policy/food aid, Seeds, Animal health and veterinary services, Livestock information, Fisheries industries, Fisheries information, Fisheries policy, Aquaculture, Forestry economics, Forest products, Forest resources, Forest policy, Natural resources management, Plant production/protection, Land resources and management, Water resources and management, Geographic Information Systems, Family farming, Genetic resources, Capacity development
Mandate, main activities of the institution and competencies

Contribute to the permanent development of the agricultural and agri-industrial sector (including fishery), promoting its international competitiveness, based on the sustainable use of natural resources.

Main competencies:

  • To formulate public policies.
  • To promote the development, diversification and increase of productivity of the agricultural and agri-industrial sector (including fishery).
  • To provide updated statistical information related to these activities.
  • To promote transference and diffusion of agricultural technology.
  • To control animal and crops health as well as food safety condition of the agricultural products.
  • To control commercialization of agricultural inputs.
  • To enhance competitiveness and commercialization of agricultural products, as well as to guarantee food safety.
Summary of the activities during the last two years

Provision of expertise to other countries or institutions.

Provision of reference substances/services/training to other countries or institutions.

Collaboration with FAO and other institutions and organizations.

Knowledge dissemination: conferences, meetings and publications.

Potential activities through SSC

Training activities in Uruguay, on-line dialogues, in-country assessments.

Name and details of the head of the institution
Focal points
  • Ing. Agr. Mariana Hill (Directora General de Recursos Naturales Renovables)

Tel: +598 2305 8225

Email:  [email protected]/[email protected]


  • Ing. Agr. Inocencio Bertoni (Director General de Servicios Agrícolas)

Tel:  +598 2309 8410

Email:  [email protected]


  • Dr. José Olascuaga (Director General de Desarrollo Rural)

Tel.:  +598 2308 3562

Email:  [email protected]


  • Dr. Francisco Muzio (Director General de Servicios Ganaderos)

Tel:  +598 2220 4000

Email:  [email protected]/[email protected]


  • Dra. María Nela González (Directora del Sistema Nacional de Información Ganadera)

Tel: +598 2410 9052/2410 9061

Email:  [email protected]