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National Youth Employment Agency (ANPEJ)

Phone number(s)
Areas of expertise
Youth employment
Mandate, main activities of the institution and competencies

Mandate: development of youth employment  

  • Main activities: implementation of Government policies (projects and programmes) relating to the development of youth employment  
  • Competencies: formulation of policies, strategies, projects and programmes to facilitate youth employment; implementation and monitoring of projects and programmes.
Summary of the activities during the last two years
  • Providing expertise to other countries or institutions: expert mission to the Youth Employment Agency in Mali
  • Providing reference substances/services/training to other countries or institutions
  • Collaboration with FAO and other institutions and organizations: collaboration with FAO to formulate a policy to promote youth employment in rural areas  
  • Dissemination of knowledge - conferences, meetings and publications: organization of national political dialogue to formulate a policy to promote youth employment in rural areas, organization of a conference of the World Association of Public Employment Services, organization of a subregional workshop on the labour market information system in conjunction with the ECOWAS Commission.


Legal status and Government arrangements of the institutions
  • Legal status, with the Government in particular: Government agency
    • Governmental arrangements: under the technical supervision of the Ministry for Employment.  
Potential activities through SSC

Possible arrangements: exchange of experts, benchmarking missions, contributing to projects with other regions, sharing experiences  

  • Potential activities: workshops, conference on youth employment in rural areas and incorporating young people in the agricultural value chain. 
Name and details of the head of the institution
Focal points
  • Aminata Ba, Director of Partnership and Promotion  
  • Telephone: 76 644 76 77
  • E-mail: [email protected]


  • Magaye Gaye, Director of Strategies and Operations  
  • Telephone: 76 644 76 75
  • E-mail: [email protected]


  • Babou  Faye, Director of Orientation, Guidance and Insertion   
  • Telephone: 76 644 76 72
  • E-mail: [email protected]