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National Forest Service

Paseo Bulnes 285, Santiago Centro, Chile
Phone number(s)
+56(2) 26630000
Areas of expertise
FORÊTS, Économies forestières, Produits forestiers, Ressources forestières, Politiques forestières, Gestion des ressources naturelles, Ressources foncières et aménagement des terres, Ressources hydrauliques et gestion de l'eau, Parité hommes-femmes, Systèmes d'information géographique, Ressources génétiques
Mandate, main activities of the institution and competencies


To contribute to the sustainable management of native forests, xerophytic formations and forest plantations through the promotion, control of forest-environmental legislation, protection of vegetation resources, as well as the conservation of biological diversity through the National Protected System of Wild Areas, for the benefit of society.


Main activities

  • Increase and contribute to the sustainable management of forest resources.
  • Mitigate the effects of climate change and desertification processes.
  • Application and control of forest laws and regulation of illegal cuttings
  • Improve sustainable management of native forests and increase green urban cover.
  • Protection of the natural resources and management of the National Protected System of Wild Areas.
  • Protect forest ecosystems and environmental heritage from damage caused by forest pests and fires.



- To supervise and encourage the sustainable management of native forests, xerophytic formations, forest plantations and protected species, through the diffusion and application of forest and environmental legislation.

- Improve the access of forest producers, preferably on small, medium and indigenous peoples, to the benefits of forest conservation and ecotourism, through the use of forest promotion tools and comprehensive technical assistance in the value chain of their goods and services, in articulation with other public services.

- Spread the generation of environmental services through the promotion and care of urban trees, per urban parks and natural infrastructure, and other types of native plants with heritage and cultural value, emphasizing the benefits they provide to society.

- Protect society from the threats posed by forest fires, forest pests, invasive forest species and the effects of climate change by acting on native forests, xerophytic formations, forest plantations and patrimonial components present in the National Protected System of Wild Areas.

- To conserve biological diversity, through the strengthening of National Protected System of Wild Areas, other conservation instruments, the contribution of native forests and xerophytic formations, to improve the quality of life of society and, in particular, of local communities.



Summary of the activities during the last two years

Participation in the South-South Cooperation Program of the International Cooperation Agency of Chile (AGCI), carried out in Ecuador, collaborating with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fisheries (MAGAP) in the National Plan of Forestation and Reforestation of Ecuador. In Honduras, supporting the Forest Conservation Institute (ICF) in the implementation of the National Reforestation Strategy of the country, for the recovery of degraded areas and development of economic potential areas. At Nicaragua, conducting courses in the issues of integrated watersheds management


Also participating in collaboration with FAO's South - South Regional Cooperation Program, on institutionality and economic instruments for forest development in Bolivia.

Legal status and Government arrangements of the institutions

The National Forest Service (CONAF, for its acronym in Spanish) is a private institution and depends from the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Corporation is composed of active and cooperating members, who constitute the Directing Council. The active members are: The Agricultural and Livestock Service, the Institute of Agricultural Development and the Corporation for Promotion of Production, the cooperating members are natural persons who collaborate in the functions that constitute the objective of the institution. The Directing Council is chaired by the Minister of Agriculture.

Potential activities through SSC

Potential modalities

The main activities are forestry and environment international cooperation, with modalities of workshops, seminars, courses and internships.


Potential activities

  • Forest Policy and Legislation
  • Tools for Forest Development
  • Environmental Restoration, , soil recuperation and waters management in degraded areas, (Integrated Management of Watersheds)
  • Establishment and Management of high production forest plantations
  • Monitoring and Cadaster of exotic and native Forest Ecosystems.
  • Forest cut control and administration of forest legislation.
  • Forest Development including indigenous peoples.
  • Prevention, control and Mitigation of Forest Fires.
  • Forest Pest Prevention and Control
  • Environmental Impact Assessment, in the forest area.
  • Traceability of Forest Products
  • Trans boundary Forest Products Control Systems
  • Integrated Systems of Territorial Management.
  • Administration of Protected Wild Areas and National Parks.
  • Monitoring of Biological Diversity.
  • Management and performance in Protected Wild Areas.
  • Conservation actions for Flora and Fauna.
  • Control of invasive exotic species.
  • Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Elaboration of forest carbon baselines in the context of REDD +
  • Institutional training on line for forest sector personnel in gender issues.
Name and details of the head of the institution

[Executive Director]: Mr. Aarón Cavieres

Tel: +56 (2) 226630219

Email: [email protected]


Focal points

[Head of the International Relations Unit]: Mr. Fernando Olave

Tel: +56 (2) 226630446

Email: [email protected]


List of experts


Forest Fire Operations Security Manager. CONAF, Central Office.

Expert in: Risk Prevention Expert.

33 years of experience.

Forester Engineer



Head Section Conservation of Biodiversity, CONAF Aysén Region.

Expert in: Protection of native fauna, control of exotic species

7 years of experience.

Veterinarian. Master in Wilderness and Nature Conservation



Forest Fire Unit Head, CONAF, Aysén Region.

Instructor of forest fire fighting and risk prevention of forest fighters

26 years of experience.

Forest Engineer and Engineer in Prevention of Risks and Environment.



Forest Fire Department Chef, CONAF Los Lagos Region.

Expert in: Mega Fires emergency operations.

38 Years of experience.

Forest Engineer Master of Environmental Management, oriented to the analysis of fire behavior and combat.



Forest Analyst, CONAF, Central Office.

Expert in: Forest Fire Analysis

3 years of experience.

Forest Engineer, Master in Forest Fire Management.



Forest Fire Control Department Chief, CONAF Los Lagos Region.

Expert in: Planning and management of forest fires, natural and environmental resources for protection against forest fires.

14 years of experience.

Forest Engineer



Forest Fire Protection Department Chief, CONAF, Magallanes Region

Courses Instructor (USAID / OFDA)

12 years of experience.

Agricultural Engineering




Professional Department of Forest Ecosystem Monitoring, CONAF

Expert in:  Advanced Environmental Modeling and quantification of GHG in forest projects and other land use projects.

3 years of experience.

Geographer. Master in Environmental Planning and Management.



Forest Inspector, CONAF.

Expert in: Restoration of Ecosystems

8 years of experience.

Forest Engineering, Diploma in Environmental Management, Master in Restoration of Ecosystems.



Enviro mental Inspector, CONAF, Coquimbo Region.

Trainer in Gender Equality, Adult Education, Poverty and Social Policies and Facilitation Skills, and the best way to optimize outcomes for women and men in poverty.

4 years of experience.

Forest Engineer, Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility.                                                 



Head of the International Relations Unit, CONAF, Central Office

Expert in Economics and International Trade of Natural Resources, Strategic Management of Business and Corporate Responsibility, Management of Forest Resources, Biodiversity, Legislation, Evaluation and Environmental Restoration.



Monitoring and Climate Change Coordinator, CONAF, Los Lagos Region.

Expert in: GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing.

19 years of experience.

Forest Engineering, Master in Geographic, Information Systems and Remote Sensing.



Head of the Environmental and Forest Control Unit. CONAF, Los Lagos Region.

Expert in: Forest Control.

21 Years of experience.

Forest Engineer, Diploma in Industrial Engineering.



Informatics Systems Administration, CONAF, Central Office.

Expert in: Informatics Systems of Forest Administration.

26 Years of experience.

Forest Engineer





Head of Prevention and Education Section, Department of Forest Fire Prevention, CONAF, Central Office

Expert in: Forest Fire Prevention

26 years of experience.



Research Department Head, CONAF Maule Region.

Expert in: The installation of Forest Fire Command Systems.

9 Years of experience.

Forest Engineer



Head of the Environmental Assessment Section of the Department of Environmental Assessment of CONAF

Expert in: Environmental Assessment Projects

5 years of experience.

Forest Engineer



Analyst at the Forest Fire Protection Department, CONAF, Central Office

Expert in: Fire Management and Management

37 years of experience.

Forest Engineer,



Head Fire Use Management Section. Department of Forest Fire Prevention, CONAF Central Office.

Expert in: Prevention and Administration of the use of fire.

23 years of experience.

Forest Technician and Engineer in Execution in Environmental Management.



Chief, Monitoring and Evaluation Section, CONAF Central Office

Expert in: Forest Control and instructor of GIS technologies.

7 Years of experience.

Forest Engineer, Master in Geomantic Technologies.



Chief Forest Fire Protection Program, CONAF, Provincial Office of the Aisén Region.

Instructor Course Basic Incident Command System (SCI)

22 Years of experience.

Forest Engineer