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National Commission of Irrigation

Avenida Libertador Bernardo O´Higgins #1449, Torre 1, piso 4.
Phone number(s)
(56-2) 2425 7990
Areas of expertise
Financement agricole, Ressources hydrauliques et gestion de l'eau
Mandate, main activities of the institution and competencies



To ensure the increase and improvement of the irrigated area of the country, through the formulation, implementation and monitoring of a National Irrigation Policy that generates studies, programs, projects and promotion to irrigation and drainage, contributing to the efficient use of water resources in irrigation, which points to improve irrigation security and contribute to the development of national agriculture, in an inclusive, participatory, sustainable and equitable framework of farmers and irrigation organizations.


Main Activities

  • National Policy of Irrigation
  • Improve irrigation efficiency through development projects and productive transformation.
  • Focus efforts towards the development of extreme regions of the country and vulnerable groups of producers.
  • Encourage private investment in irrigation works by optimizing investments and allowance irrigation and drainage subsidies.
  • Evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of investments in profitable irrigation works in the country's basins.



  • Design and realization of irrigation systems, including equipment for irrigation systems and building of civil works that accumulate and distribute water for irrigation.
  • Adaptation to climate change, training programs, drought management or river flood emergencies.
  • Elaboration of projects of reservoirs and canals, in the initial stage.
  • Programs, which aims are to create, increase or improve the capacities of farmers and their organizations, in areas of irrigation management, thus can make an efficient and intelligent use of water for irrigation.
Summary of the activities during the last two years

Chile Argentina – 2015

Exchange of experiences between Argentinian and Chilean professionals, experts in irrigation and water management. Professionals of the CNR visited the city of Mendoza, carrying out presentations about the promotion of investment in irrigation to irrigation organizations, through mbilateral cooperation.

Legal status and Government arrangements of the institutions

The National Commission of Irrigation (CNR) is a state-owned legal entity, created in September 1975. Its aim is to ensure the growth and improvement of the country´s irrigated surface. In 1985, the management of national Act 18.450 was incorporated to its duties. It promotes private works of construction and repairing for irrigation and drainage, and supports the agricultural development of local producers in those areas.

Potential activities through SSC

Potential Modalities

  • Bilateral
  • Triangular
  • Multilateral
  • Regional

Potential Activities

  • Fielding of experts according to the requirements.
  • Trainings, workshops, work tables.
Name and details of the head of the institution

[Executive Secretary]:  María Loreto Mery Castro

Tel: 56-2-24257928

e-mail: [email protected]

Focal points

[Policy Unit Coordinator]:  Mónica Rodríguez Bueno.

Tel: 56-2-2463438

e-mail: [email protected]