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Institute of Food Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

NO. 1 Nongda Road, Xibeiwang, Haidian District, Beijing
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Areas of expertise
Agroindustries / Systèmes après-récolte, Pertes et gaspillages alimentaires, Sécurité sanitaire des aliments / qualité et normes alimentaires, Santé de base et équilibre nutritionnel
Mandate, main activities of the institution and competencies


By the State Council, Ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry of Science and Technology


Main activities

Scientific research, international cooperation, master/Phd students cultivation, technology transfer, capacity building



Lipid and protein science, cereal and starch science, potato food science, meat science and technology, post-harvest biology, fruit nutrition and process engineering, biological control and prevention in food processing, mycotoxin formation and prevention, control of chemical hazards during processing, Chinese traditional food industrialization and food machinery, functional food, bio-manufacturing and enzyme engineering

Summary of the activities during the last two years

Provision of expertise to other countries or institutions: 16 experts to INTI, INTA and University of la Plata in Argentina to help and collaborate with their experts in plant and animal protein processing

Provision of reference substances/services/training to other countries or institutions: Argentina, Nigeria, Malawi, Libya, Kenya, Botswana, etc.

Collaboration with FAO and other institutions and organizations: IFST has established 16 international cooperation platforms with USDA, ISM, CIMMYIT, and world famous universities and research institutions in 32 countries.

Knowledge dissemination: conferences, meetings and publications: China- EU Agro-products Processing Conference, China- Argentina Conference on Food Processing, 2014 International Mycotoxin Conference, etc.

Legal status and Government arrangements of the institutions


Legal status, in particular with the Government

IFST affiliated to Ministry of Agriculture, P.R.China


Government arrangements:

Research for public welfare

Potential activities through SSC

Potential modalities

Training courses, project collaboration, research staff exchanges, cultivate students, hold conferences, exchanges information, technology transfer, capacity building, etc.


Potential activities

Collaborate in research projects, experts to other countries and institutions, hold training courses to developing countries, cultivate international students from the developing countries

Name and details of the head of the institution


[Director General]: Prof. Dr. Xiaofeng Dai

Tel: 010-62816594

Email: [email protected]

Focal points

[Division Chief on Scientific Management Department]: Prof. Dr. Dequang Zhang,

Tel: 010-62815984

Email: [email protected]

List of experts




TITLE & FULL NAME: Dr. Zhang Hong, Professor/Chief Scientist

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Traditional Food Processing & Machinery


Prof. Zhang obtained a Master Degree in Science from Northwest University in 1984, and a PhD in Agriculture from Okayama University of Japan in 1996. Dr. Zhang joined as Lead Scientist of Traditional Food Processing & Machinery Lab in the Institute of Food Science and Technology CAAS in 2012. Presently, he is the  deputy director of the Machinery Division of Agro-Products Processing Standardization Commission MOA, executive vice president and secretary general of Chinese Potato Staple Food Processing Industry Alliance, secretary general for the Flexible Packaging Foods Branch of China Canned Food Industry Association, and distinguished expert of Japan Thera-Projects Associates. He is also devoted to the research of the Chinese traditional meat cuisine quality formation mechanism, regulation technology and engineering foundation. Additionally, Prof. Zhang has been concentrating on the quality formation, the engineering technology and equipment in the processing of Chinese potato staple food, etc.



TITLE & FULL NAME: Dr. Dequan Zhang, Professor//Chief Scientist

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Meat Science and Technology


Prof. Zhang is the Chief Scientist of the Meat Science Innovation Team. His current research foucuses on meat quality and processing technology including: (1) Formation mechanism of meat quality based on proteomics and Calpain activity regulation by phosphorylation; and alive myocytes stored by controlled freezing-point storage technology; lamb carcass grading and cutting.(2) Mechanisms of meat quality formation and hazard control (e.g. heterocyclic aromatic amines) in dried and cured meat products; industrial improvement of traditional Chinese technics; develop equipment for industrialized processing production.(3) Mechanism of targeting enzymolysis of bone and blood protein; development of high-value processing technology and new products. In addition, he is responsible for more than 20 national projects, more than 100 academic publications and was editor of 10 books. His group established the first national standard for lamb carcass grading and cutting, and set up technologies to decrease the loss during slaughtering and processing. He have received three awards from the government for his scientific achevements.



TITLE & FULL NAME: Dr. Xiaofeng Dai, Professor/Director General/Chief Scientist

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Integrated Pest Control in Agro-Products Processing


Dr. Xiaofeng has devoted his life to the research of integrated Pest Control theory and technology for decades. He has received numerous awards for his work including: National Excellent Agricultural Talent, Outstanding Contribution, Young and Middle-Aged Expert of MOA, and received the State Council Special Allowance. Furthermore, he lead the research group to be the Agricultural Scientific Innovation Team of MOA, winning 4 National Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology, 6 Provincial Achievement Prizes in Sci. & Tech.. In addition was honored the Excellent Individual in National Scientific Development of the 8th Five-Year Plan; published 140 academic papers, 20 more books and got 11 national patents.




TITLE & FULL NAME: Dr. Qiang Wang, Professor/ Deputy Director General /Chief Scientist

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Cereal and oil processing quality evaluation and process control technology development


Dr. Wang is the Director of the National Agro-Products Processing Research and Development Center; Deputy Director of Key Laboratory of Agro-product Processing and Quality Control; Deputy Director Committee Member of Agro-product Processing Standards Committee of MOA; Member of Academic Committee of CAAS; Vice President of Functional Food Branch of CIFST; Editorial Board Member of Journal of Bioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre. Nominated as the first batch of National Outstanding Agricultural Research Talents, he has lead his research group to be the “Cereal and oil processing and comprehensive utilization” innovation team of MOA, won the second prize of National Technology Invention Awards, as well as 9 provincial awards, 2 society awards as first contributor and the prestigious Harald Perten Prize (ICC) as first Chinese awardee. Additionally, he published more than 160 articles (over 30 of them were indexed by SCI), 9 books, got 6 Chinese agricultural industry standards approved, 17 national patents authorized and supervised more than 50 students.



TITLE & FULL NAME: Dr. Zhidong Wang, Professor/Deputy Director General/Chief Scientist

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Fruit and Vegetable Preservation and Processing


He has been leader of the Fruit and Vegetable Processing Innovation Team, as well as the Board Chairman of the National Research Association and has done research on quality control and related technology on agro-products preservation for decades. In addition, he has been awarded the third prize of National Technology Progress, second prize of Ministry of Agriculture Technology Progress, first prize of National Business’ Science and Technology progress, got 5 authorized patents and published more than 40 academic papers. The Research Areas are: changing mechanism and control of quality during fruits and vegetables processing and storage, including changing mechanism and control of quality during fruits and vegetables storage, changing mechanism and control of quality during fruits and vegetables processing, and utilization of the by-products during fruits and vegetables processing.


TITLE & FULL NAME: Dr. Wang Fengzhong, Professor/ Deputy Director General/Chief Scientist

AREAS OF EXPERTISE:Nutrition, health and functional food research


Dr. Wang obtained a Bachelor Degree in Microbiology in 1995 from Shandong University, a Master Degree in Microbiology in 1998 from CAAS, and a PhD in Food Quality and Safety from CAAS in 2011.  Dr. Wang has worked in CAAS since 1998. Dr. Wang is also the chief scientist of the Key Program of National Fundamental Scientific Project, Nutrition and Functional Food Innovation Team, which has been devoted to the exploration and utilization of agro-products for decades. In addition, he is also the deputy director of Specialty Food Processing Division of the Agro-Products Processing Standardization Commission MOA, committee member of National Agro-Products Quality and Risk Assessment Experts, member of the Pollution-Free Agro-Products Evaluation Committee of MOA and member of the Organic Food Evaluation Committee of MOA.



TITLE & FULL NAME: Dr. Yang Liu, Professor/Chief Scientist

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Mycotoxins prevention and control


Prof. Liu received his Bachelor Degree in Agronomy from Northeast Forestry University in 1987, his Master Degree from the University of Goettingen, in 1999, his PhD from the University of Hohenheim in 2004 and worked as a Post Doc in the Institute of Phytomedicine, University of Hohenheim, Germany in 2005. Since 2006 he worked in the Institute of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS). Prof. Liu is presently the chief scientist of the National Key Basic Research Program of China, and Special Fund for Agro-scientific Research in the Public Interest. Additionally, he also focused on prevention and control of agro-products processing hazards control and technology research. He is chair for the Division of Mycotoxicology, Mycological Society of China; Division of Biotoxicology, Agricultural Products Storage and Processing-Branch of CAASS; and Chairman for the 2014 International Mycotoxin Conference. Prof. Liu has published more than 80 papers, including 37 SCI papers (the highest impact factors above 15).



TITLE & FULL NAME: Dr. Tai-Hua Mu,Professor/Chief Scientist

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Potatoes processing and comprehensive utilization


Prof. Tai-Hua Mu, appointed as specialist of potato food processing technology, received his MS degree in Food Production (1994) from Tokyo University of Fisheries, Tokyo, Japan, and his PhD in Biological Engineering (1998) from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo, Japan. After that, he completed a postdoctoral research in Laboratoire de Biochimie et Technologie Alimentaires for Universit de Montpellier II in France in 1999~2001 and Laboratory of Food Chemistry for Wageningen University in 2002~2003. And he works as Professor in Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Nutrition Science, Institute of Agro-Products Processing Science & Technology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences from 2003.


TITLE & FULL NAME: Dr. FengjiaoXin, Professor/Chief Scientist

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Basic research of Food enzymes and applied  research of bio-based products


Prof. Dr. FengjiaoXIN, Young talent plan Candidate of CAAS, devoted to the research on the structural and molecular mechanisms of enzymes, while also publishing academic papers on Nature, Cell Research and Science China Life Sciences. In 2005, he started studying at JILIN University, obtaining a bachelor degree in 2009.  During the same year, came to Tsinghua University to major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, getting the doctor degree in 2014. Dr. FengjiaoXin then joined the  Institute of Agro-Products Processing Science and Technology, and engaged in Food enzymes and applied research of bio-based products. Now the main research focus is: Biomass enzymatic hydrolysis and conversion; Research on the metabolic engineering of the industrial used microorganisms; Development on enzyme preparations and biological products.



TITLE & FULL NAME: Dr.WeihuaChen, Professor/Chief Scientist

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Food safety detection


Professor Chen obtained his PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Akron in 2012. After that he worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Now he is a full-time professor in the Chinese Academy of Agriculture Science.  His research focuses on the development of small portable instrumentation that can accurately track analytes of interest in agriculture. He is interested in the development of in-situ chemical/bio sensors with ''seeing-is-believing'' color change, for safety monitoring in agricultural food. Specifically, the advancement of novel fluorescence sensors that can selectively and sensitively probe foodborne pathogenic bacteria, heavy metal cations, anions, antibiotics and toxins produced by microorganism. His work integrates molecular design and synthetic chemistry with fluorescence spectroscopic analysis to achieve optimal detection performance. This research is driven by the awareness that many detection challenges, particularly problems involving sample pre-treatment, analyte sensitivity and cost-efficiency are not best addressed by conventional analytical techniques.



TITLE & FULL NAME: Dr. Jinkai Zheng, Professor/Chief Scientist

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Fruit processing and nutrition


Dr. Zheng’s research interest is focused on the bioactive components in fruits. His studies mainly include the identification of potential disease preventive dietary components and elucidation of their molecular mechanisms. The major approach of this research is the utilization of chemical, biochemical and molecular biology in cell cultures combined with in vivo animal model. Meanwhile, he is also concerned about the development and application of the most advanced and innovative analytical techniques (e.g., surface-enhancement Raman scattering) in detecting bioactive components rapidly and non-destructively. Up to now, he has taken part in 17 significant projects in China and abroad (e.g., NIH, AICR, USDA, NSFC) as a project leader or major team-member. In the past five years, he has published more than 50 SCI papers, with the total impact factor of 108. Dr. Zheng is also invited as a peer reviewer for 8 well-known journals in the field of food science.



TITLE & FULL NAME: Dr. Zhou Sumei, Professor/Chief Scientist

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: grain processing and nutrition


Dr. Zhou currently engaged in quality evaluation and industrial development of rice and minor grains(oat, mung bean et al), comprehensive utilization of by-products from cereal processing, bioactive polysaccharides extraction and application. Dr. Zhou has won 3 first and second prizes of provincial and ministerial awards for progress in science and technology. She has hosted more than 20 projects sponsored by the Chinese government.