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Directorate for Sea Fishing

1, rue Joris, Dakar, Senegal
Phone number(s)
+ 221 33 823 01 37
Areas of expertise
PÊCHES, Secteur halieutique, Information sur les pêches, Politiques en matière de pêche, Technologies halieutiques, Aquaculture, Parité hommes-femmes, Systèmes d'information géographique, Renforcement des capacités
Mandate, main activities of the institution and competencies


  • The Directorate for Sea Fishing is responsible for formulating and implementing State policy on artisanal and industrial sea fishing.

Main activities:

  • Formulate, implement and monitor sea fishery development plans;
  • Promote cooperation in sea fishing, oversee the implementation and monitoring of fishing agreements at the subregional, regional and international levels;
  • Supervise the formulation and application of laws and regulations relating to sea fishing practice;
  • Supervise the formulation and implementation of sea fishing development projects and programmes;
  • Ensure the collection, processing and publication of sea fishing statistics;
  • Design, support and monitor the management of landing and processing areas for fish products;
  • Assist and oversee the improvement of professional sea fishing organizations; 
  • Test and disseminate the technical equipment and research outcomes associated with sea fishing.


  • The Directorate has its own veterinary surgeons, oceanographic vets, engineers, fishery technicians and agents, economists, sociologists, specialists in education and grass roots organizations, planners, computer scientists, documentation specialists, a lawyer, managers and an administrative assistant who all have many years of experience in the sector.
Summary of the activities during the last two years

Providing expertise to other countries or institutions:

Providing reference substances/services/training to other countries or institutions:

  • Tunisian visit to the construction site of fishing docks funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA);
  • Delegation visits from Cameroon, Sierra Leone and Gabon in the interests of joint management

Collaboration with FAO and other institutions and organizations 


  • JICA support for the development of two landing docks  
  • Financing from Morocco (Ministry of Agriculture and Sea Fishing, the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Mohamed VI Foundation for Sustainable Development and the Attijari Wafa Bank) to develop a landing site in Soumbédioune (Dakar)
  • FAO with the Canary Current Large Marine Ecosystem (CCLME) project;
  • FAO: support for the drafting of the sectoral policy paper for the development of fishing and aquaculture (2016- 2023)
  • European Union support through the Technical Assistance to the Senegal Sustainable Fisheries Management Programme (ADUPES) through shrimp and octopus fishery development plans 
  • Implementation of the World Bank’s West Africa Regional Fisheries Project (PRAO) in the south of Senegal 
  • Collaborative Management for a Sustainable Fisheries Future (COMFISH) supported by thee United States Agency for International Development (USAID) on the Petite Côte
  • Support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through the GO WAMER  (West African Marine Ecoregion) in certain maritime areas 
  • International Commission for the Conservation of the Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT)
  • Subregional Fisheries Commission (CSRP) (joint management of fish resources by 7 coastal states)


Knowledge dissemination - conferences, meetings and publications:

  • Production of statistical reports on fishing and annual activity reports. From 2016, there will be a monitoring and assessment report on activities, projects and programmes.
Legal status and Government arrangements of the institutions

National Directorate created by Decree N° 002466 of 19 April 2006 on the organization and operation of the Directorate for Sea Fishing made up of three Divisions and associated offices.

  • Governmental arrangements and international commitments:

These mainly take the form of fishing partnership agreements:

  • Mauritania: partnership agreements
  • Cape Verde: agreements and protocol on implementation
  • Guinea Bissau: fishing agreement
  • Russian Federation: cooperation agreement
  • European Union (partnership agreement on sustainable fishing (2014- 2019)  for the exploitation of tuna resources and certain deep-sea demersal species), monitoring of an implementation protocol   
  • Subregional and regional economic integration agencies (New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), WAEMU, ECOWAS)
Potential activities through SSC

Possible arrangements:

  • Organization of national and international workshops, exchange visits and secondment in the following areas:

Potential activities:

  • Fishery development
  • Joint fishery management
  • Development of processing sites and landing docks
  • Product development
  • Management of fishing boat fleet  
Name and details of the head of the institution

Dr Mamadou Goudiaby, Director of Maritime Fishing
Telephone: 77 022 79 98
E-mail:[email protected]

Focal points

Elisabeth Mbaye Sow, Head of Gender Office/DPM
Telephone: 00221 77 154 19 51/ 70 658 47 62

E-mail: [email protected]