FAO in South Sudan


27 July 2021
The COVID-19 crisis in South Sudan is more than a national health emergency. South Sudan relies heavily on imports of basic food items from neighbouring countries, making the country’s economy extremely vulnerable to economic shocks. After the closure of the borders with Sudan and Uganda, prices of imported food and commodities...
19 July 2021
“I’ve spent most of my life on the canoe fishing, but fish always spoiled and food was never enough”, recalls Deng Abdulai.  Even with the fertile waters of the White Nile and its tributaries, life-long fisher Deng Abdulai’s catch always fell short of providing a sufficient income for his family.
05 July 2021
FNS-REPRO is the first programme in Eastern Africa specifically designed to foster peace and food security at scale. In South Sudan, the seed sector has been selected as the entry point value chain of FNS-REPRO with the objective to close the cereal production gap, while eventually providing more diversified products...
25 June 2021
Dor Anei Garang became a widow early. At the age of 23, her husband Chol died during an armed conflict and she remained alone in Gakrol, a small village near Aweil, with six children to raise. Dor’s only support arrived from Bol, her brother-in-law, but it was never enough to...
14 June 2021
Kicking off its Summer Series dialogue sessions on food systems, the UN Association of New York convened a digital dialogue with the Rome-based Agencies (RBAs) working for Zero Hunger and food security, with FAO’s Representative in South Sudan sharing milestones and challenges from a country-level context