Seminar on WorldPop with Professor Andrew Tatem

Online event 22/04/2021 22/04/2021

Andrew J Tatem, professor at the University of Southampton will be delivering a seminar on the WorldPop database.

Date from: 22/04/2021
Date to: 22/04/2021
Venue: Online event
Topic: geo-spatial information
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WorldPop aims to provide an open access archive of spatial demographic datasets for Central and South America, Africa and Asia to support development, disaster response and health applications. High spatial resolution, contemporary data on human population distributions are a prerequisite for the accurate measurement of the impacts of population growth, for monitoring changes and for planning interventions in a global health research context.

Andy Tatem, is Professor of spatial demography and epidemiology at the University of Southampton and the Director of WorldPop and Flowminder, leading a group of more than 50 researchers and data scientists. He is interested in how populations, their characteristics and their dynamics can be mapped at high resolution across low and middle-income countries. His research has led to pioneering approaches to the use and integration of satellite, survey, cell phone and census data to map the distributions of vulnerable populations for disease, disaster and development applications. He runs international collaborations with national governments, UN agencies and data providers, and leads multiple research and operational projects funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, World Bank, Clinton Health Access Initiative and others.

John Latham Senior Geospatial Advisor and Visiting Professor Natural Resources, Climate Change, Geospatial Information and Food Security Geodata Institute, University of Southampton, will facilitate the discussion.

The recording and presentations can be accessed here.