Call for Expression of Interest: Funds available for harmonization of existing Individual Quantitative Food Consumption Data

17/05/2021 18/06/2021

Do you work with data? Here's a chance to harmonize individual quantitative food consumption data and publish it in FAO statistical databases.

Date from: 17/05/2021
Date to: 18/06/2021
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FAO and WHO work jointly to improve the availability of Individual Quantitative Food Consumption Data worldwide by collating existing datasets, harmonizing them and sharing through an online platform called the FAO/WHO Global Individual Food consumption data Tool (FAO/WHO GIFT).

This Call for Expression of Interest, issued by FAO, is to identify institutions from Low and Middle-Income Countries, with access to Individual Quantitative Food Consumption Data that could be shared through the FAO/WHO GIFT platform, interested in entering into a contractual agreement with FAO to harmonize these datasets as well as their supporting documentation according to FAO standards. Based on such agreement FAO will cover the costs of the harmonization work.


The Institution

The selected institutions will be universities, research institutes, Governmental institutes, NGOs, that fulfill all of the following criteria:
1. Are legally registered as a not-for-profit entity.
2. Operate and are registered in a low or middle-income country. Check the country here.
3. Own an eligible dataset (see the requirements below) or have access to an eligible dataset owned by another institution.
4. Provide FAO with all the necessary information on the dataset in order to assess the scope and amount of work required for the development of supporting tools.
5. Are able to perform data harmonization activities which include, but are not limited to, data coding with the FoodEx2 data classification and description system, recipe disaggregation, and documentation of food composition data used in the dataset.
6. Are able to participate in online trainings and meetings with the FAO/WHO GIFT team to receive necessary guidance and technical support in data harmonization.
7. Have sufficient human resources available to perform the work (it is not permitted to sub-contract or use funds to hire additional personnel to perform the work).
8. Are equipped with the necessary IT infrastructure, skills and technical support needed to carry out the work.
9. Are able to communicate with the FAO/WHO GIFT team in English, French or Spanish.
10. Agree to share their data publicly and sign a License to Redistribute Contribution to allow FAO to disseminate the data in the most disaggregated format through its platforms.

The Dataset
The eligible dataset needs to fulfill all of the following criteria:
1. Method of data collection: Individual quantitative 24h recalls or records/diary (no Food Frequency Questionnaires or Household surveys).
2. Presence of compulsory variables in the dataset (these variables are specified in the attached Application Form).
3. Survey sample should cover the general population i.e. there should be no evidence of selection bias such as medical conditions, people who eat in the same place, etc.
4. Sample size ≥ 100.
5. Capture of all foods and beverages consumed within 24 hours (the capture of drinking water and vitamin and mineral supplements is preferred but not compulsory).
6. Food list includes ≥ 50 food items.
7. Year of assessment ≥ 1980.

EXTENDED closing date for applications: 18.06.2021

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Division: Food and Nutrition Division (ESN)