FAO AGRISurvey webinar "Opening Access to Agricultural Survey Microdata"

Online event 29/11/2021 29/11/2021

This webinar will focus on microdata dissemination programs with application to agriculture data with the aim to support the National Statistical Offices and line Ministries’ efforts toward unlocking access to agriculture survey data.  

Date from: 29/11/2021
Date to: 29/11/2021
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Venue: Online event
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Organized by the AGRISurvey program, managed by the Statistics Division of the FAO (ESS), the webinar entitled “Opening Access to Agricultural Survey Microdata” is designed to build advanced insight on the key elements constitutive of a microdata dissemination program, namely the access policy, microdata documentation (including the DDI-standard), microdata anonymization, and the National Data Archive (NADA) cataloguing tool. Participants will also learn about the Food and Agriculture Microdata (FAM) Catalogue, FAO's microdata dissemination platform managed by the Office of Chief Statistician (OCS).

The online seminar will be an opportunity to discuss how these components interlace and, if approached jointly, may offer solutions to ensure confidentiality safeguards are in place as well as to ensure microdata dissemination programs align on best international standards. It will also serve as a platform to share experiences between agencies on both technical and organizational challenges associated with their operationalization and to discuss on methods and solutions to ensure increased access to agriculture data to the widest public.    

The webinar is suitable for professionals of different levels of seniority in charge of agricultural statistics production and dissemination. Acknowledging the overarching dimension of dissemination programs and the involvement of different departments and offices within the National Statistics Systems, this invitation extends to all officers from divisions and units supporting statistical dissemination programs.   

WHEN:  November 29, 2021, from 10:00 to 13:00 (GMT+0). 




Access Passcode: pTZf6&9v

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT AGRISurvey: https://www.fao.org/in-action/agrisurvey/en/


Division: Statistics Division (ESS)