Call for papers for the Ninth International Conference on Agricultural Statistics (ICAS IX)

Washington DC 03/08/2022 14/10/2022

Submit your abstract by October 14, 2022 and join the Ninth International Conference on Agricultural Statistics (ICAS IX) to be held from 17 to 19 May 2023 in Washington DC. The event will be held under the theme "Harnessing Data to Inform an Equitable and Sustainable Agri-food Systems Transformation".

Date from: 03/08/2022
Date to: 14/10/2022
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Venue: Washington DC
Country: United States of America
Topic: FAO’s statutory bodies on statistics
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The International Conference on Agricultural Statistics (ICAS) focuses on fostering and leveraging best practices and research in response to the changing needs and opportunities for agricultural statistics.

ICAS brings together experts from around the world to share research and operational accomplishments, and to explore the latest methodological innovations by countries and development partners. The conference is open to statisticians, researchers, analysts and decision-makers from government agencies, academia, business, and private sector, who are directly or indirectly involved in the production, use and dissemination of statistics in the domain of agriculture, horticulture, livestock, fisheries, forestry and rural development.

ICAS IX will be held over three days in May 2023 in Washington, DC, and will be organized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the World Bank, in coordination with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and under the auspices of the Committee on Agricultural Statistics of the Committee on Agricultural Statistics of International Statistical Institute (ISI-CAS).

ICAS IX theme will focus on Harnessing Data to Inform an Equitable and Sustainable Agri-food Systems Transformation. Agri-food systems play a role in meeting the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). With less than a decade to achieve the SDGs, the global community faces a critical juncture to transform food systems to be healthier, safer, more sustainable, more efficient, and more equitable. It is widely recognized that to deliberately change agri-food systems and, at the same time, cover all its aspects and interactions, it is required a clear, rigorous, and comprehensive set of metrics, statistics and indicators to monitor its status and evolution and to be able to guide policy and establish accountability mechanisms while also provide inputs to be used for research and analysis. At the same time, there is the need to innovate on the way statistics and data is collected, processed, disseminates and analyzed in a way that is cost-effective and also makes use of non-traditional sources of data in an integrated, interoperable fashion.


This is a call for economists, statisticians, researchers and analysts working on agricultural, forestry, fishery, and rural statistics, in their economic, social and environmental dimensions, to participate in the upcoming Ninth International Conference on Agricultural Statistics (ICAS IX).

Please submit your abstract by October 14, 2022. Papers should focus on the following ICAS IX topics: 

  • Food Security Diets and Nutrition
  • Rural Development, poverty and social issues
  • Climate Change and Environmental Issues
  • Sustainable agriculture production and consumption
  • Markets, Prices and Value chains
  • Shocks, risks and resilience
  • Natural Resource Use
  • Data collection / Data Quality
  • Alternative data sources / data integration / data interoperability
  • Innovative approaches to data analysis
  • Data access / Data Dissemination / Data Use for policy making
  • Capacity Building in Agricultural Statistics 

 Before submitting your abstract, please take note of the following: 

  • A Scientific Program Committee will evaluate your abstract and acceptance will be communicated by November 30, 2022.
  • Draft papers must be sent by January 20, 2023. Final papers to be submitted by March 31, 2023.
  • Each individual can present only one abstract/paper, but it is possible to be co-author of multiple papers.
  • Abstracts/Papers should be presented in English only. 

For any questions, please contact the ICAS IX Secretariat ([email protected]).


ICAS will be preceded by a two-day training session for young (or new) statisticians, particularly from developing countries, which is organized by the USDA. 

Partner organizations are encouraged to enrich the scientific content of the conference with their own side events and they are encouraged to reach out to the conference organizers.


July 31, 2022 — Call for papers

Oct 14, 2022 — Submission of abstracts

Jan 20, 2023 — Draft papers due

May 15 – 19 2023 — ICAS and ICAS Side Events

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