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Social analysis for more effective agriculture and rural development investments


Putting people at the centre of development is vital. FAO has published three guides designed to boost the effectiveness of agriculture and rural development investments through social inclusiveness and gender equity. The complete toolkit contains three guides – one for managers, one for practitioners and one for field workers – that emphasize the importance of capturing the full social picture when designing and managing investment programmes and projects.  

The manager’s guide aims to sensitize project managers and team leaders on the role of social analysis in agriculture and rural development. It also guides them on how to include social analysis in various stages of project preparation and implementation.  

The practitioner’s guide provides the conceptual framework for understanding the dynamics of rural poverty and livelihoods. It gives guidance on how to conduct social analysis and design project activities based on the findings.  

The field guide deals with the practical aspects of integrating social analysis into missions, providing checklists and participatory tools on how to conduct fieldwork. 

The compendium is also available in French and Spanish

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