FAO Investment Centre

FAO Investment Centre gears up for IDs23:

Exploring the latest investment solutions food security and climate resilience

The twelfth edition of FAO Investment Days (IDs23) is set to take place from 11 to 12 July 2023 at FAO headquarters. IDs23 aims to address two pressing global challenges: investing in food security and climate resilience. The two-day event will delve into the policies and investments required to transform agrifood systems into greener, more sustainable, and resilient entities. It will explore innovative financial solutions, including blended finance and carbon finance, among others.

The world is grappling with multiple shocks that exacerbate hunger, poverty, and food insecurity. Countries face the consequences of climate change, land degradation, biodiversity loss, and supply chain disruptions, necessitating urgent action.

It will bring together an array of distinguished speakers and guests, including representatives from international financing institutions, public and private sector investors, consumer rights organizations, research centres, policy think tanks, and academia. Participants will explore the latest investment and finance solutions for the agrifood sector. The discussions will focus on generating ideas, approaches, and technologies that can lead to a healthier and more sustainable world.

The agenda for IDs23 comprises several informative sessions covering a range of pertinent topics. One session will discuss the urgent challenges of investing in food security and climate resilience. Experts will explore solutions driven by policy and investments that can create win-win outcomes for both food security and resilience.

Another session will examine the evolving role of public investments in meeting greening goals. It will address questions surrounding changes in agrifood systems investment in light of climate goals and how climate action can align with broader sustainability objectives. "Greening Agriculture from Field to Fork" will be the focus of another session, exploring the impact of greener demand and trade policies on agrifood investments and supply chains. Panellists will discuss the necessary actions to reduce deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions in response to shifting consumer preferences and regulatory changes.

The event will also delve into innovative solutions to sustainability challenges in agrifood systems. Experts and practitioners will share models and lessons in translating sustainability principles into actionable policies and investment strategies. This will be complemented by a discussion on the topic of digital innovations for water management in agrifood systems will be addressed, highlighting the importance of climate adaptation and efficient water management in the face of changing weather patterns.

The IDs23 event will wrap up with discussions on innovative finance, exploring strategies to encourage local banks to increase lending to the agrifood sector and mobilize more capital through impact funds. Furthermore, the potential of carbon finance as a mechanism for agrifood system transformation will be explored.

IDs23 promises to be an engaging and enlightening event, bringing together key stakeholders to collectively work towards addressing the pressing challenges of food security and climate resilience. By fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the event aims to pave the way for transformative actions that will create a more sustainable and secure future for all.

As the world navigates complex global challenges, IDs23 serves as a platform for collaboration and innovation, offering valuable insights and practical solutions that can make a significant difference in the agrifood sector and beyond.