Centre d'investissement de la FAO

Maps and atlases on agriculture in Myanmar


The Investment Centre is pleased to promote the below new FAO website. This digital agricultural atlas was produced by FAO’s Environment, Environmental Assessment and Management Unit in collaboration with the Centre.

26 May 2008, Bangkok – FAO has launched a new website offering a wide range of data and information tools on agriculture in Myanmar.

The site contains downloadable digital and printed atlases, maps from the FAO-maintained GeoNetwork digital library, agroclimatic charts and crop calendars, and related agriculture, forestry and fisheries publications.

The site also includes the recently released 120-page Digital Agricultural Atlas of the Union of Myanmar, a collection of Geographical Information System (GIS)-derived maps, tabular data and related documents depicting political, physical and agricultural resources in Myanmar.

More information at : http://www.fao.org/newsroom/en/news/2008/1000846/index.html