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African swine fever, an infectious viral and highly lethal disease that kills pigs and wild boar, first appeared in the...
Dairy and meat businesses in Central Asia, especially smaller ones, are being hit by multiple shocks – from the war...
FAO/Cecilia Calatrava
Exploring Georgia’s gastronomy offers tourists unique insights into the country and its culture. Enriching tourists’ experiences also has the potential to...
 © FAO/Gent Skhullaku
A new World Bank project plans to make locally grown produce more readily available in Albania via micro food hubs...
©Marijan Močivnik, Studio Ajd
A regional wine symposium is helping build agrifood system resilience and diversify export markets.
©FAO/David Khelashvili
How women veterinarians are bolstering traceability and food safety in Georgia
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