Centro de inversiones de la FAO
© Sonia Nguyen
In a move to boost livelihoods for livestock farmers in Burkina Faso, the African Development Bank (AfDB), with the support...
©FAO/Giuseppe Carotenuto
The Investment Centre is strengthening its ability to respond to the growing and evolving needs of countries and investors. Alessandro...
©FAO/Giuseppe Carotenuto
Giovanni Munoz, the Investment Centre's Service Chief for East and Southern Africa, reflects on a long career in the agriculture...
Source: Canva image bank.
“Our coffee has been sold in Europe for four years: exporting is costly, but the good prices we receive make...
Around 190 olive growers, industry workers and government technicians from Jordan have benefitted from training sessions on improving their crops...
FAO / Vyacheslav Oseledko
El apoyo técnico de la FAO para las inversiones ayuda a mejorar los medios de vida y la nutrición a...
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