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Photo 1 ©FAO/Stephanie Leontiev, Photo 2 ©EBRD
EBRD and FAO organised training courses with farmers and exporters on pesticides management and microbiological contamination
 © Jane Hahn
An EU-FAO Webinar on first published results in Africa
©FAO/Ia Ebralidze
FAO and EBRD promote gastroroutes to raise appreciation of and boost incomes for smallholder farmers
©Nikholoz Mkhedlidze for FAO and EBRD
With its storied gastronomic traditions, rich cultural heritage and striking scenery from mountains to shores, Georgia has set its sights...
At a regional event on agriculture human capital investment, convened by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations...
©FAO/Jordi Vaque
The COVID-19 pandemic reaffirmed the need for multi-sectoral collaboration to address health risks caused by zoonotic diseases at the human-animal-environment...