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© FAO/Fahad Kaizer
The Jamuna River in Bangladesh is one of the largest and most dynamic rivers in the world, providing a lifeline...
FAO/ Stefan Stojanović
Support in obtaining geographic indication labels for products bolsters quality and incomes.
FAO/Massimo Berruti
Around 400 veterinarians are preparing to help stem the spread of a transboundary disease that is putting livelihoods, food security,...
© FAO Ceren Gurkan
A wind of change is blowing in Sierra Leone, one that will help ensure the people’s access to more locally...
©Cecile Huertas
Agadir, 4-6 juin - Des représentants d'entreprises agroalimentaires se sont réunis à Agadir du 4 au 6 juin 2024 pour...
FAO/Anatolii Stepanov
In Ukraine, access to quality grain production estimates has worsened due to the ongoing war. In response, a three-day technical...
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