Centre d'investissement de la FAO
A'Melody Lee / World Bank (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0), Public Domain (CC0)
Digital technologies are making food supply chains faster, more efficient and greener.
A very active and productive M&E Workshop, including 40 participants from 17 countries in the Asia and the Pacific...
©FAO/Gent Skhullaku
Montenegrin fruit and vegetable growers touring Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in September saw how modernizing and diversifying production, improving...
of top photo: Port of Tarragona, Photo Credit of the rest: ©FAO/Stephanie Leontiev
Spain is one of the main grain importers in the Mediterranean region. As such, the country has a wealth of...
Pixabay CC0, UNIDO (CC BY 2.0)
Motivated by consumer demand and public opinion, companies are increasingly embracing the triple bottom line of people, the planet and...
©FAO/David Mansell-Moullin
The pace of digital disruption over the last two decades has been breathtaking, transforming every sector of the global economy,...
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