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Green Climate Fund (GCF)

Since the first approved GCF project designed with FAO support in Paraguay in 2018, FAO has continued to grow its GCF portfolio, with over USD 760 million in funds raised for countries. In 2020, the GCF Board approved seven FAO projects worth over USD 337 million. Of those, the Centre helped design projects for Armenia, Cuba, Guatemala and Sudan totalling more than USD 215 million, or 64 percent of FAO’s approved portfolio for 2020. 

The Centre supported CABEI to develop GCF proposals for Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. It also supported IFAD to develop two proposals financed in 2020: one in Brazil and the other in the Sahel region.

FAO continues to expand its portfolio of climate investment, focusing on more strategic and programmatic approaches that reach the most vulnerable countries, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.  

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