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➤ Knowledge for Investment K4I

Through K4I, we are committed to sharing knowledge via key studies and publications. Topics are wide ranging – from improving urban food systems governance to more climate-sensitive agricultural investments to country sector reviews, to name a few.

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➤ Agriculture Human Capital Investment

Investing in farmers – or agriculture human capital – is crucial to addressing challenges in our agri-food systems. These publications look at agriculture human capital investments, from recent trends to promising initiatives in CameroonChile, Côte d'Ivoire, India, Indonesia, KenyaPeru, Rwanda and the United States of America, as well as a global study


➤ Food Systems Assessment (FSA)

Under a partnership between the European Union, FAO, and CIRAD, in cooperation with national and food systems stakeholders, a large-scale assessment and consultation on food systems was initiated in more than 50 countries, as a first step towards transforming them.

The evidence and knowledge gathered so far has identified key questions that will help define policy and investments solutions in view of transforming food systems.


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Publications récentes

Author(s): Miller C., Ono T., and Petruljeskov M.
The attractiveness of agricultural investments as profitable business ventures is tempered by the risks associated with such investments. The publication outlines...
Author(s): FAO
La fiche technique est un outil promotionnel destiné à faciliter le déploiement du programme de formation à l'investissement rural et...
Author(s): FAO
Cette brochure est un résumé des activités du Centre d'investissement de la FAO en 2017.
Author(s): FAO, World Bank
This document contains the economic and agricultural data underpinning the main report on Somalia's of the same name.  
Author(s): FAO, World Bank
This overview , available in English and Somali, summarises the main report highlighting the challanges facing Somalia in its pursuit...
Author(s): FAO, World Bank
Somalia faces major economic obstacles to economic development characterized by weak institutions, insecurity, a persistent insurgency, dilapidated infrastructure, environmental degradation,...
November 2017
Author(s): Hilton, A, Wehrmann, B and Beall, E.
This publication provides detailed guidance to government authorities and others on actions they can take to help them to create an...
June 2017
Author(s): Santos, N., Prof. Dr. Hess, S., Dr. Jaghdani, T. J.
Climate change, rapidly rising demand and inefficient practices are...
May 2017
Author(s): FAO
With the adoption of the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, countries have renewed their commitment to fight poverty and...
Author(s): Maltsoglou, I., Puri, M., Rincon, L.
Bioenergy plays an important role in country-level climate change mitigation. The Bioenergy and Food Security (BEFS) Approach of FAO helps...