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April 2022
Author(s): Lee, M., Pozarny, P., Aytekin, M.
Le présent document d’investissement souligne l’importance des jeunes en tant qu’agents du changement et parties prenantes clés contribuant à des systèmes agroalimentaires durables. Il présente un aperçu des Directives en matière d’investissement pour les jeunes dans les systèmes agroalimentaires en Afrique élaborées conjointement par la FAO et la Commission de l’Union africaine dans le cadre d’un processus multipartite et participatif....
March 2022
Author(s): Gordon, A.
One of the nine featured case studies, funded by the Agribusiness Market Ecosystems Alliance with support from IFAD, explores three private sector-led initiatives focusing on the capacity development of farmer organizations in Côte d’Ivoire and Cameroon. These farmer organizations purchase cocoa or cotton from around 275 000 small producer members and sell to major exporting companies (off-takers). 
March 2022
Author(s): Takamgang, M.F., Lhoste, F.
One of the nine featured case studies is the Support Programme for the Renovation and Development of Professional Training in the Agropastoral and Fisheries Sectors in Cameroon. The programme is part of the training-integration continuum preparing young people for jobs in the agropastoral and fishery sectors and has contributed to strengthening their entrepreneurial and social skills. 
Food Systems Profile - Democratic Republic of the Congo
January 2022
This document presents in ten pages a summary of the main issues of food systems in Democratic Republic of the Congo, and possible solutions to make them more sustainable and inclusive. It is the result of a systemic analysis and consultation with all the players in the systems, and it is part of an assessment supported by the European Union, FAO...
December 2021
Author(s): Huber-Lee, A., Kemp-Benedict, E,; Gosh, E., Nazareth, A., Oudra, I.
Climate change, emerging technologies and other disruptive factors are changing the way water is used for agriculture. This brief identifies innovations and opportunities for investing in sustainable agricultural water management in the coming decade, recognizing how such investments connect to ecosystems. The brief’s five key findings are based on a larger study on investments in agricultural water management and irrigation...
Profil des systèmes alimentaires - Madagascar
December 2021
Ce document, intitulé Profil des systèmes alimentaires, présente en une dizaine de pages un condensé des problématiques principales des systèmes alimentaires du Madagascar, et des solutions possibles pour les rendre plus durables et inclusifs. Le résultat d'une analyse systémique et d'une consultation de tous les acteurs des systèmes, il entre dans le cadre d'une évaluation appuyée par l'Union européenne, la...
December 2021
Author(s): Davis, K., Gammelgaard, J., Preissing, J., Gilbert, R., Ngwenya, H.
Investing in farmers – or agriculture human capital – is crucial to addressing challenges in our agri-food systems. A global study carried out by the FAO Investment Centre and the International Food Policy Research Institute, with support from the CGIAR Research Programme on Policies, Institutions and Markets and the FAO Research and Extension Unit, looks at agriculture human capital investments,...
December 2021
Author(s): Sylvester, G., Davis, K., Gammelgaard, J., Preissing, J.
Strengthening the skills and capabilities of agricultural producers, especially smallholder producers, to successfully manage their agricultural enterprises requires sustained investment – investment that is key to transforming agri-food systems and achieving the 2030 Agenda.   Digital agricultural technologies, innovations and data are transforming business models and practices across entire value chains. But can digital technologies be used to train agricultural producers or...
November 2021
Author(s): Santos, N., Monzini, J., Pedersen, E. and Borgomeo, E.
As the world gears up to fight climate change, agri-food systems are expected to play their part. The sector is increasingly being targeted and curbing emissions is becoming a key global investment and policy theme. This Investment...
October 2021
Author(s): Freeman, K., Dias Pereira, L., Bullor, L., Perego, V.M.E., Escudero, D., Voss, F., Pessoa, T.
Investing in farmers - or agriculture human capital - is crucial to addressing challenges in our global agri-food systems, from sustainably feeding the world's growing population with food that is safe, healthy and nutritious to finding innovative solutions for more resilient and climate-smart agriculture. 
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