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➤ Knowledge for Investment K4I

Through K4I, we are committed to sharing knowledge via key studies and publications. Topics are wide ranging – from improving urban food systems governance to more climate-sensitive agricultural investments to country sector reviews, to name a few.

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➤ Agriculture Human Capital Investment

Investing in farmers – or agriculture human capital – is crucial to addressing challenges in our agri-food systems. These publications look at agriculture human capital investments, from recent trends to promising initiatives in CameroonChile, Côte d'Ivoire, India, Indonesia, KenyaPeru, Rwanda and the United States of America, as well as a global study


➤ Food Systems Assessment (FSA)

Under a partnership between the European Union, FAO, and CIRAD, in cooperation with national and food systems stakeholders, a large-scale assessment and consultation on food systems was initiated in more than 50 countries, as a first step towards transforming them.

The evidence and knowledge gathered so far has identified key questions that will help define policy and investments solutions in view of transforming food systems.


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Publications récentes

Author(s): FAO
FAO Investment Centre environmental reports are directed to environment and natural resources specialists. They address environmental issues associated with the...
Author(s): Branscheid, V.
Investments in irrigation can substantially contribute to increased agricultural production and provide enhanced economic benefits, if planned, implemented and...
Author(s): Pantalani, R.
The first part of this paper covers the conceptual background of the approach adopted by an FAO Investment Centre mission...
Author(s): Sorrenson, W.J.
The introduction of soybeans to the southern and eastern parts of Paraguay in the early 1970s, followed by wheat in...
Author(s): Pantanali, R.
This note on the Machobane system is based on information gathered by an FAO Investment Centre mission which visited Lesotho...
Author(s): FAO
Publicly-financed irrigation and drainage investment projects have too often performed poorly. In some cases, shortcomings were because planners gave inadequate...
Author(s): Selvavinayagam, K.
  The paper is intended to guide non-bankers, especially economists working on Investment Centre missions, on the application of the...
Author(s): FAO
The success of dryland agriculture depends on there being an adequate supply of water in the rooting zone of the...
Author(s): FAO
This paper outlines the role of sociological analysis in the design of agricultural investment projects, particularly those being prepared for...